Using Nvidia 3Dtv Play on your PC with your 3D TV and HDMI cable to play Team Fortress 2 and other games.

Using 3DTV play for your games on your PC and 3d tv.


I recently had the thought of using my 3DTV for PC gaming and figured it would be easy to just plug it in and use it in game….

No. Not so easy. Well at least at first it wasn’t easy.

The main reason for this not being easy was due to Nvidia’s terrible install process for the 3D TV Play software and the lack of instructions and information on the internet ( Either that or I simply cant Google.. )


Here is my quick start guide for using Nvidia 3dtv play on your PC to play games like battlefield, counter strike, left 4 dead , team fortress 2 and more!

Basic Requirements

  • A PC with an Nvidia GTX graphic card. Something like a GTX460 onwards should be fine.
  • A HDMI 1.4 cable to plug into your 3D enabled TV
  • Windows 7 onwards

How to get it working

Here I will use Team Fortress 2 as an example. Mostly because this is what I mostly tested on and its free for you to download from Steam/Valve.

Install Nvidia 3DTV Play ( 14 day trial )

Click here to visit the Nvidia Website

Please note, I had a problem stating that my OS isnt compatible and that I need Windows 7 or higher to install it.. This confused me because I had Windows 7 installed and was using it.
Some people mentioned installing the software from another drive that isnt the one that holds windows ( ie: D:\ rather than C:\ if you have one )

Either way, After it errored, it seemed to still install anyway.. So no major problem for me ( after a brief bout of ranting )

Configure 3DTV Play

Ok. So now is the time to plug your 3D enabled TV into your graphic cards HDMI port.
Connect it up and change to the correct channel on your TV.

Go to your video settings and set the TV as your default screen ( So the start menu is now on your TV )
Open up the Nvidia Control Panel ( can be found in control panel or in your taskbar tray )

Nvidia control panel

Here you will want to click “Enable stereoscopic 3D” and then follow the wizard.

The wizard will ask you to put your 3d glasses on and answer some questions.

Once done. Just leave it enabled.  3D becomes enabled when you set your TV / Screen to the correct resolution ( discussed below )

Test on your game.

For the 3D to work, Your games screen resolution that you run on your 3D tv will need to be modified.

You need to choose either 720p60 or 1080p24.
That is, 1280×720 at 60hz or 1920×1080 at 24hz

Once your game is running at one of those resolutions, your TV should pick up that 3D is now capable and should say so, or ask to put your glasses on ( Or whatever your 3D tv says when 3D is available )

Now, Load a new game up..
You may notice that the game isn’t in 3D yet? , If so.. Press the keys ( CTRL + T )
This enables / disables 3D mode while in game.

Need to change the “depth” to help with shadowing / blurry areas? , press CTRL + F3 or F4 . An onscreen slider will appear and help you to choose the best depth.


I tested this game on CS:GO , Team fortress 2 and The Walking Dead.. All appeared perfectly. However I needed to run on 720p60 mode simply because 24 frames a second on 1080p24 isnt great.

Good luck.


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