The end of SEO in 2014? Will SEO die in the future?

One user noted that Google’s press conference about Google Instant hadn’t even ended yesterday when the question of “is SEO dead” started coming up on Twitter.

So, the question has been posed to many people with varying answers.

The overriding feeling appears to be that for the moment. SEO will not die!
However, with the changes in the way the internet works and none of us knowing what the future holds. Who can really say?

SEO may or may not be here in 5 years time. But one thing is for sure, SEO is a large industry that will fight hard and long to keep its revenue streams working.

No of course SEO won’t die. It’s just another end of the year bit of link bait that is sought every year. SEO is a largely misconceived term, for those that really understand what real SEO is about with usability and conversions in mind, the process of optimising a website for optimal performance will never go away.

Those in the SEO industry that don’t get this and never will (and there are plenty of them), will just crash and burn eventually.

SEO will evolve (its already evolved a lot) out of necessity, as google updates its algorithms to weed out fools who try to spam their way to the top of the rankings. I personally expect all “link based” ranking boosts to disappear in 2014 – I know Panda and Penguin had a big impact already on low quality links, but I expect the rest to be addressed by Google very soon.

I’m expecting social media interaction – not number of likes, but number of comments/shares/retweets etc to become a more weighty factor in coming months, BUT I also expect that Google will be tracking back where those interactions are coming from and rating the users providing them in a similar manner to the way low quality links were – – fake social media interaction will be targeted and if spotted it will decimate your websites ranking.

My advice – clean up your act NOW – be honest with Google or you will get caught out!

It will to some extent.
This is what google is aiming for.

They aim to provide the most relevant results to YOUR search, Same as any search engine really.
Ideally, they would want the engine to deliver these by itself with zero human interaction.
They would want it to find the content, crawl it, index it and understand if an outside influence has been there to “beef” it up and make it more relevant that it really is.

I suspect that SEO will be around for some time, however this will slowly become more and more blackhatted as search engines change and the way the web changes.
There will be no need to ensure that everything is marked up perfectly, worded perfectly or following certain guidelines perfectly.

It will simply be about good content and content people want to see ( or at least what they want to see based on their search )

SEO is a fickle industry with a lot of die hard people sticking up for it with their lives ( Mostly because its a good income to some and always on the verge of collapse )

All in all,
Clearly there is a need and a market for SEO and there will be for some time. ( unless something major changes on the internet or a new tech comes out )
But I do think it will become less involved and the results from SEO efforts will become more blurred.

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