How to stop Skype from automatically starting on Windows 10

Stop Skype from Auto Starting in Windows 10

Annoyed that Windows 10 now has Skype nicely installed for you?

No? , Well I was!

The basic method.

What is even more annoying is that typically people tell you to simply go to Tools -> Options -> General settings. Uncheck the option: “Start Skype when I start Windows”

However, This option simply isn’t available on this version. there is no option to turn it off!!

I never installed Skype, I don’t want it!

How to stop it when all else fails.

So, You are like me, You have Windows 10, You have Skype starting when windows starts and you have no option to turn it off.

Here is what I did:

1 – Right click the taskbar and click “Task manager” , Now click the “Start-Up” tab and locate “Skype” , Right click Skype and click Disable.

While you are there, why not disable some other apps you really dont want to use. It will make login and bootup quicker for you.

2 – Alternatively, just uninstall Skype.


If this has helped, Please share.

See ya!