SSL encrypted live chat software


As promised, IMsupporting are rolling out our new-year features.

The first of these are the ability to switch on and off SSL encryption for your users.

Typically, Live chat doesn’t contain much “private” information. However there are times when a user will want to tell you things that they don’t want others to see.

A lot of people will be connecting into the live chat from Public networks, Work networks or home networks.

While these are mostly secure in their own right, people can still snoop and listen into your chat session.

Places like coffee shops may have people scanning the network for private information you send out.

IMsupporting now offers users of the medium or large business packages the ability to enable SSL encryption on the live chat software.

This means that anything your users send from their machine or from your machine to theirs is encrypted.

You can turn this on and off in real time as needed.

You don’t need to change anything on your systems to get this encrypted live chat working.
Simply click SSL settings in your admin panel and click enable.

IMsupporting are dedicated to offering the best live chat software at prices everyone can afford

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