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Two new live chat features launched this month (May 2011) :

1) – Live chat themes.
2) – User is typing “alerts / notifications”







IMsupporting now offer live chat software themes.
Simply login to the live chat console and choose a theme, If you would like one in your companies colours please email us.



Live chat “User is typing a message” alerts.
The user user is typing feature allows you and your visitors to see when each other are typing.

This is especially helpful when you or your visitor is typing a large message and your waiting.
Without the “typing” indicator, You wouldn’t be able to tell if the user is replying or not.


IMsupporting offer Idle detection, So you will know when a user closes the chat window. This features give you that extra value add of
knowing when to expect a message.

The “user is typing a message” feature is enabled by default , However this can be controlled via the Admin console.
Simply clicking “Typing Detection Settings” on the live chat admin panel will enable you to disable and enable this feature for you and your operators.

While we don’t expect you to actually disable the feature, We do want to give you the choice!


More live chat features on their way! So stay tuned!


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