Live chat software and how it can help websites make money

IMsupporting live chat service provider.


How can the IMsupporting live chat software ( Live support software ) help you?

Lets run through a few of the IMsupporing features that are more pronounced in supporting you and your users through live chat.

Live chat software

The most important feature of live chat is the actual chat software itself. IMsupporting are a 100% webbased provider meaning you or your users don’t need to download any software to use it.
The IMsupporting chat software has many features. For example:
You can style your chat window however you like through CSS customization’s.


You can see what the visitor is typing before they press send. This helps you and your support staff identify an answer before the user has even finished their question.

SSL encrypted live chat

With SSL enabled, all communication with the end user is encrypted to help prevent eavesdropping on the chat session.

You can have as many operators as you require to help answer chat sessions. Operators can have as many chat sessions open at any one time as they like ( What will fit on their screen )
To help answer your visitors questions as quickly as possible, You can create “Canned messages” that operators can simply click on to send an automated answer to common questions.
+ Much Much Much more live chat features.

Live chat reports and visitor statistics

Not only does the IMsupporting chat software supply you with a great set of chat  features, you also get great visitor and chat statistics.

Find out where your visitors are coming from, what country, website and more.
See how many hits you get over time and use this information to help deliver a better experience to your website users.

Free live chat software trial

Why not give IMsupporting a try FOR FREE. No credit card information needed. Get up and running within minutes.

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