IMsupporting Foresight ( Sneak peek ) – Live chat software features

Today IMsupporting launch a brand new feature to the masses called “Foresight” or sometimes known as “Sneak-peekSneak peek


IMsupporting’s live chat software with Foresight technology enables you and your operators to see what the end user is typing before they have even pressed send.


This allows you to plan a reply even before the user has finished asking their question!


Its like having a magic crystal ball built into your live chat solution.



Once you open the live chat with your website visitor you will be able to instantly see what they type in the Foresight section.


Once the end user has finished and clicks send, the message will appear like any other.


Any new text the user enters will once again appear in the Foresight section for you to anticipate the users question before they have even asked it!


To enable ForesightSneak peek for the live chat software, simply login and click “Foresight” on the Settings panel.



IMsupporting is a UK based live chat service provider to business’s worldwide.

Live chat software enables you to talk to your website visitors in realtime anytime!


Give it a try FREE over at



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