How to add a image to a QR code.

How to add an image to a QR code.


Hello again people, Its been a while mainly because ive had nothing useful to blog about.

So, Lets get to it yeah?

Nice and quick tutorial on how to add an image to a QR code.



In most cases simply just putting an image over the QR code will break it.
The code gets mashed up and the reader wont be able to understand what is encoded.

To get around this problem when putting an image into a QR code we simply use the fact that these things can use up to 30% error correction.
This essentially means we could loose a fair whack of the image and readers will still understand it.

Ok, Lets do it.

Getting a code with a good error correction rate.

Ive found this site [ ] very useful.

The above site will enable you to generate your QR code with an error correction of upto 30%

Note: Using more error correction requires more complexity in the image.

In this example we are going to encode a website address ( URL )

  1. Enter your website address into the code area ( )
  2. Error correction level set to either 25% or 30%
  3. Save the image to your PC.


OK, We have the code. Now we need to add the image.


Adding an image to your QR code.

Open the image in your favourite image editor. if you dont have one, Click Start then Run and type MSpaint.
Find an area in the image that has the least blocks ( So you dont destroy too much ) and then remove the area you need for your image placement.

QR image








Now you have some white space on your QR image, Simply import / paste your image / logo of choice into the image like below:








Save, Done.

Simple aye?


Troubleshooting your QR code.

You may find that your scanner isnt picking up the code.

To fix this, Simply try again. Move the blank area, make it smaller etc.

You may also find that having a good amount of white border around the image is helpful with sites that shrink the image.



Good luck and have fun.


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