How can live chat software help a business make more money while saving cash?

What is live chat?

Live chat software is a tool utilised by an ever increasing number of e-commerce websites around the world.  It enables websites to communicate with their visitors in real-time through a simple web based interface.

Live chat comes in a few different forms. Some are available to download that you need to install on your PC’s others are web based services that require no installation or maintenance. One such example would be

Save money by using live chat software.

By utilising web based (Cloud based) software as a service you no longer need to pay for the I.T infrastructure and servers that you would use to run the solution. On top of this you also don’t need to be concerned about maintenance, software upgrades or patching.

This is all handled by the live chat provider.

Cost effective

Utilising live chat software for customer communication is more cost effective per contact than telephone communication.

Lower shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment refers to the number of visitors who commence a website purchase but don’t complete the purchase for one reason or another.

In most cases the reason for the abandonment is normally related to a simply query that the user couldn’t find an answer to.

By offering a live chat function in your shopping cart you are able answer customer’s queries quickly and efficiently helping you guide customers to a successful transaction and increasing your sales.

What kind of features are available with live chat?

While live chat solutions come with a wide range of features, the most important are features such as:

–          Real-time visitor monitoring. This helps you watch and track your visitors paths on your websites in real-time.

–          IP Geo-Location. Geo-tagging and Geo-location allow you to see where your visitors are coming from. Newer web browsers even allow you to view a user’s location with accuracy of 100meters. This uses a new HTML standard that is available on all modern internet devices.

–          Canned messages. With canned messages you can setup pre-defined responses to common questions.

–          Automated replies. These allow you to answer common questions with minimal input from your support staff.

–          Custom integration. With CSS customisations, you can integrate live chat into your own website quickly and easily.

Where to get live chat software

Providers such as IMsupporting ( ) are web based , always online and affordable.

You can access a 100% free trial and start testing within minutes!

Once you realise the potential in live chat software, you will soon discover that you can’t operate without it.

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