Google Chrome goes HTTPS crazy. Non encrypted sites now show warning.

Google updated chrome to warn non HTTPS users.


Chrome has been updated!! Even the look/feel “feels” different.. A slightly bigger tab bar now?

It appears that Google have updated their Chrome web-browser to show a small warning for non encrypted websites ( Such as this… Its being fixed.. Honest.. )
To be fair, there really isn’t a reason for not using HTTPS/SSL on a website now. With solutions such as Lets Encrypt offering free SSL certs, Why wouldn’t you?

When browsing a non HTTP website such as this, you get a small exclamation mark next to the site:

Chrome web address bar showing non https error



As you can see, Google Chrome now shows a small warning showing that it isn’t using https. I guess this is a thing to come.. Maybe they will show a red warning soon?

While, when you use a HTTPs enabled website, you get a simple looking green padlock showing all is well in the world. (Apart from the broken SSL problem no one talks about)


One example of a good SSL enabled website is These guys offer live chat software so having that data encrypted is a must. Google Chrome clearly shows this.

google chrome with https enabled




All in all, I am happy Google have made these changes. Its a step forward into a better more secure internet.

Hopefully everyone will be using HTTPS soon and you never know, they may even be hosted on IPv6 webhosts!