Free DNS Hosting for the masses with FREE ipv6 addresses free dns service

Today i recieved an email from , Coming from a company ive dealt with before and not had any issues, I proceeded to read it.

It turns out are now offering FREE dns hosting for websites.
Not only is it free, You can also get a free /48 IPv6 address assignment for your servers / websites.
It comes with 5 Nameservers and considering its also from one of the biggest network providers out there you will get great uptime from them all.

Some features:
Once registered you can add up to 25 zones at the moment, However it looks like this will be increased over time.

A records – You can add as many A records to your DNS as you wish.
AAAA records – Here you can assign a ipv6 address to your website, So if someone has a V6 ready internet connection, They can visit your site using ipv6.
MX – Add your mail server information here ( No free forwarding currently 🙁 )
CNAMES – You can add as many Cname records to your free dns as you wish.
NS – Add more nameservers if you want.
TXT and SRV – Add TXT and SRV records.

You can also change the TTL for your zones.

They have a very simple and easy to use interface and it seems to update their Nameservers very quickly so anychanges you make should become available instantly ( unless you have a very long TTL on your records )

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Why not add a free live support button to your website while your at it?