.co (Dot co) domains, Is there any point? Whats it about?

As some of you may of already noticed, There’s a new TLD that’s coming to town soon.


This domain is a Columbian TLD but looks like its being sold off to the world.

Why would I want one?
Its very close looking to the .com domain so if your a domain squatter or you own a high value .com domain then its very worth while buying this.
People can miss off the ‘M’ and still find your site.

According to the companies website it stands for COmpany, COmmercial Etc so it may be worth having if your an E-commerce website owner.

When can I get hold of one?
If your a trademark owner, You can get one now from people like GOdaddy, Or UKreg.
You will need to prove you own the trademark and they cost around £199 per year.

June 21st
On June the 21st anyone can then get one, However this is called the “Land rush” so high quality non trademarked domains may go quickly here.
These still cost around £199 per year.

July 20th
On July the 20th, Anyone can get a domain like they could during June’s land rush however im expecting the only difference here will be the price.
According to cointernet.co they will be competitively priced.

I would expect pretty much any useful domain to be gone within the first week here.

Google and Microsoft appear to already of taken theirs during the Global Sunrise. So there is interest out there.
Plus if people misspell google.com and miss off the M then google still wont loose out.

Looking around at other .com domains that have been registered, Most have all been setup to redirect to SEDO parking.
People must already be making money from spelling mistakes. Shame on you.. Redirect the user here instead

Am I going to get one?
I doubt it. I may get one if they are cheap enough in the future however I think .com will be around for a long time yet.

Is it worth it?
Who knows.
Time will only tell, However if you can afford one or you want to protect your trademark. You should get one now.

Will you get one?

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