How to block semalt webcrawler from your website!

About SEmalt and why they annoy me!

Recently I came across a VERY ANNOYING robot that seems to constantly visit my site but always using a “reffering URL” This bot is the “Semalt” robot.

Upon further investigation, it turns out that this is essentially a “trick” to get you to visit their website.

They use infected machines around the world to browse to you and you get them pop up in your analytics and thus visit them.

Its a neat trick, but annoying!

So, I wanted to block these people from visiting my site. it was constantly browsing my sites and annoying me.

An example here:

semalt visiting my website

The above example is a screenshot from our live chat softwares realtime analytics and SEMALT constantly appeared!!!


How to block Semalt

Simply find the ROOT of your website on your webserver and create / edit your .htaccess file.

Add the following to the end of your file:

# block visitors referred from
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} semalt\.com [NC]
RewriteRule .* . [F]


Save the file and *pow* , They shouldn’t be visiting you again.

There is NO valid reason for them to visit so often and it does NOTHING for you for them to do this! They are a SCAM company and website using very dodgy ways of getting backlinks and people visiting them!

DONT! Visit them and DONT ask to be removed.