9 years of sleep visualised.

I came across an AWESOME! blog by someone named Dominic Szablewski.

Basically he has 9 years worth of mIRC logs and he’s visualised when its open and closed.
I really is quite interesting to see when he goes to work, When something happens in his life and how it all changes his mIRC habits.

Click HERE to view his blog and the FULL image.

9 years of mirc

( Snippet From His Website )

9 Years of Sleep

For the last ten years or so, I used to turn on my PC when I came home from school or work and shut it down again right before I went to bed. So most of the time when my PC is running, I’m awake. I’ve also been idling in IRC for as long as I had Internet – when my PC is running, so is my IRC client.

I still have all my IRC logs since 2001 lying on my HDD. The log format of mIRC changed slightly over the years, but it’s all easily parsable with some basic Regexp. I quickly wrote a PHP script that extracts the Session Start and Sessions Close markers and timestamps from these logs and transfers them into an image.