6 SEO Myths that makes my blood boil!

Hello and welcome to my little rant about SEO Myths.

Here’s my little list of SEO myths that just need to die or be killed.

I cannot stand seeing the same posts time and time again on forums only to see so called “SEO Professionals” hand out stupid advice.

So here goes.

  1. SEO Professionals

    Oh how this annoys the hell out of me. How can someone be a pro on any subject that has no firm ground rules?
    Its like saying your a “Professionals future predictor” and that you can predict exactly what will happen tomorrow for everyone! 

    I mean, HOW ON EARTH CAN YOU BE A PRO when the thing your trying to be PRO for has very little guideline’s and the big search engines wont tell
    anyone how they actually work.

    Your simply someone who has tried and tested a few times, Failed more than not and attempted to get some cash from poor souls.
    Granted you may be able to help for a few things ( That your punter could of done themselves with a few Google searches ) but you simply
    cannot do the things 99.9% of these people say they can.

    The playing feild is changing far too much too often, So stop being a douche about it.

  2. Your pagerank is important, You rank higher with a higher pagerank!

    While this is somewhat correct, It still isnt correct.
    Pagerank “Googles internal ranking system” helps rank your website.
    This system is used only by google internal search and has a lot of metrics. 

    The pagerank everyone talks about is the rank from 0 to 10. This is toolbar pagerank and means next to nothing to anyone.
    The toolbar PR is updated roughly every 3 months and is only a guide to how your “Internal” PR is performing.

    This is exactly why some sites with a PR of 1 may rank higher than your site for the same keywords while yours has a pagerank of 5

    It simply ISNT worth your effort even looking.

  3. Having a sitemap will help rank your website and help get indexed quicker.

    No, Just no.
    If you spend even 10 minutes on googles webmaster tools website. You will find that your sitemap is ONLY used to tell google about pages that it
    may not be able to find by itself ( Not linked to by anyone, “Orphaned pages” ) 

    Google/Anyone may or may not include said pages in its index.

    It wont help for anything else.
    If your site isnt ranking at all, Simply adding a sitemap will not change this.

  4. Meta tags will boost your rankings.

    Maybe back in the day 🙂 , But not today.
    They may help other sites categorize your website or may even help Google do so, However they wont increase your ranking in anyway.
    Meta tags were abused years ago and Google have far more intelligent ways of tracking what a site is “about”. 

    While these mean nothing now-a-days , I will still say to people add them!  But dont spend more than a minute doing so.

  5. Add a meta robots tag saying follow,index.

    No, You DONT need to do anything with robots if you want EVERYTHING indexed or urls followed.Google/Others WILL FOLLOW and INDEX anything it comes across and finds useful.
    You ONLY need to use robots.txt or robots meta files to restrict search engine robot access. Even then, Other engines may ignore these “requests” to not index anything.

  6. DOFOLLOW! Get dofollow links!

    I hear this all the damn time, “How do i get DOFOLLOW links?” , “How do i make my links DOFOLLOW?” etc etc.There is NO SUCH THING!
    You can use NOFOLLOW if you dont want SE’s to follow the links and pass on PR ( Remember, This is a “Request” not a command! ) however ANY LINK
    without the nofollow attribute will be followed by default. They are not DOFOLLOW links, They are simple just LINKS!

Well, Thats all folks.

Ill add more as time goes on and things  peev me off some more.

If you have any “SEO MYTHS” that grind your gears, Let me know. Ill add them if they annoy me also 🙂

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